SAE Aeroconnect 2021 Challenge Results

We are proud to announce that our Aeroconnect Team, representing the University of Calgary on an international level, has placed 1st overall for the second consecutive year for the emerging technology series at SAE Aeroconnect 2021! Congratulations to all our hardworking team members who worked tirelessly to lead our team to this astonishing achievement. The University of Calgary placed 1st for the technical design report, 1st for the presentation, and 3rd for our showcase resulting in 1st place overall.

We would like to thank SAE International for hosting this competition that unifies students towards a common engineering goal. The competition provides us with the knowledge and experience to tackle emerging technological challenges in autonomous aviation and it is truly a unique experience that we are grateful for. We would also like to congratulate our fellow competing teams for their continued effort in a difficult design competition. And, saving the best for last, we would like to thank our sponsors for providing us with the opportunity to compete in the first place. We look forward to representing the University of Calgary in our future competitions next year with the same effort and stride as this one.

For more information about the competition and our project this year, please click the link below:


Our Academic Advisors: Dr. Chris Morton, Dr. Svetlana Yanushkevich

Our Team Mentors: Justin Bagga, Romas Krivelis

Executive Team: Larie S. Atienza, Tejus Gangadharaiah, Eddie Lam, Shadman Sajid, Peter Shmerko

Mechanical Team Members: Rakil Ahmed, Jared Crebo, Anthony T. Demong, Saud N. Kiani, Amanda Ong, Tony Yang

Electrical/Software Team Members: Graydon Benson, Cindy Chen, Tony Fang, Jerome Gobeil, Eric Ho, Kenny Jeon, Wei Kang, Bryan Kwan, Zachary Lau, William Ledingham, Aaron Li, Eugene Lok, Myles Pribeg, Alexander Price, Sandesh Regmi, Tommy Tran, Charlie Zheng

Business Team Members: Colin Guan, Gordon Tan, Eric Truong